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Let's Fix your Analytics

You’ve seen GA4 problems. Now, it’s time to act.

  • Create a data lake to bypass limitations and get accurate results.
  • We can unify your data into a cloud database, allowing you to access 100% of your data and conduct advanced analyses.

No more guesswork.

Advanced Analysis


  • Get thousands of keywords that Search Console doesn’t show you.
  • See what happens in your cart.
  • Understand your customers behaviour.
  • See what products bring you new customers.
  • ML Forecastings for traffic and revenue.

Real Time Dashboards


Tired of GA4 not showing you today’s results?

Let’s build a real time dashboard based on 100% of your traffic.

You can have page views, sessions, revenue, items updated every minute.

Send an e-mail so we can discuss your needs:

Hi, I'm Tasos a Data Marketing Analyst Paid Ads Expert

Why Choose me?

Get an expert marketer (10+ years of experience) to handle your ads and plan smart moves for you.

I focus on what’s best for your business, not mine.
My technical background gives me the ability to understand online landscape better and create tools to uncover marketing insights.

Personal Approach:

You communicate directly with me—no intermediaries like juniors or assistants. And no waiting for support tickets to be answered within 2-4 business days.

T-Shaped marketer:

My expertise areas are Ads & Analytics, yet I’ve also managed SEO projects, website redesigns, and email campaigns.
I won’t offer all these services to sell you, but I can collaborate with your team or agency to enhance your overall online presence.


In 2024, marketers have an array of tools at their disposal, yet many stick to standard channels and reports.

I can create a system that allows you access to 100% of your online data, overcoming the usual limitations set by Google.

You’re just one setup away.
Send me an e-mail so I can show you the way!


You know your business better than the best marketer in the world.

Your feedback is valuable.

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